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#1 for Metal Polishing and Metal Coating in the UK. Coat Virtually Anything in 95% Pure Metal.

VeroMetal is a metallizing process that applies cold sprayable metal to almost any surface.

VeroMetal® is a revolution in metal coating and metal polishing.

Make your products stand out from the crowd.

VeroMetal products has a wide range of effects that helps turn a piece of wood, a piece of glass, a piece of plastic, into a solid cast, as a piece of metal. In essence, we help provide metal coating in the UK. This could be anything from rough metal to brushed look, highly polished. We could age and weather the product as well.

Ideal VeroMetal customers could be anybody from individuals who’d like to create a bespoke look for a piece of furniture. It could be set designers for the film industry. I could be architects and designers for apartments and buildings. It’s a cost saving device, so rather then use solid cast brass, you could simply do a spray application onto MDF and it could keep your costs down, and it saves time.

It will adhere to almost any surface, including but not limited to: foam, plastic, gypsum, wood, metal, fiberglass, plaster, ceramics, concrete, terra cotta, cardboard and even paper. Metal polishing and metal coating in the UK is now accessible for you to take advantage of.

Once cured, the product contains all the characteristics of a cast metal piece, including texture, lustre and heat conductivity.

What makes VeroMetal® so strong? Metal and a polymer binder combine during a chemical reaction to make VeroMetal® metal composite.

This makes the composite greater than the sum of its parts. The result? Durable metallized surfaces that will capture your desired design or detail. Therefore, providing a true metal finishing look, by means of metal polishing.

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Using VeroMetal® - 4 Steps:



Prepare the surface that you wish to coat.



Mix your VeroMetal® coating to apply as a spray, solid putty or castable liquid



Apply cold, no high temperature heating method required.



Treat or buff, to create your ideal finish.

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The beauty of VeroMetal® is it can be applied as a putty, or spray (powder coating), onto almost any surface. It is applied cold, creating a seamless and durable 95% metal coating to JUST ABOUT ANYTHING once the surface has received pre-treatments, and is adequately primed. Then followed by metal polishing and buffing, giving the genuine metal finish.

Once set, VeroMetal® has all the stunning appearance of cast metal, including texture, lustre and heat conductivity. It is real genuine metal coating in the UK, and not paint.


The binder and reactant combine with the metal powder, making VeroMetal® incredibly strong.

This liquid metal adheres to every design detail, whilst being as tough as nails.

Independent ASTM testing graded zero breakdown in the equivalent of 30 years. Because it is so durable, it is used in both interior and exterior applications.

Cost Effective

Bring the durability and visual impact of expensive metal into your design.

Being able to combine using base substrates and the no-nonsense, cold application of VeroMetal® means that ambitious projects using metal can be created with the “wow” factor, and be more cost effective than ever.

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