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How VeroMetal transforms boring and bland retail signs into classy and trustworthy brands

How VeroMetal transforms boring and bland retail signs into classy and trustworthy brands

As the official licensed distributor of VeroMetal in the UK, and with over 20 years of experience in quality signage production, we like to think we know a thing or two about VeroMetal. It’s that knowledge and expertise that attracts retail clients like Tommy Hilfiger and Harrods (to name just a few) to use our services when they require the perfect metal finish for the store signage and points of sale.

So what is VeroMetal?

Well firstly, VeroMetal is not a metal spray paint but actually melded metal components, made up of up to 95% pure metal powder. It looks and acts like real metal, making it durable and hard wearing. It also comes in various metal styles, to suit different applicantions: Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Aged Bronze, White Bronze, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Tin, Nickel-Silver, Gold, Gunsmoke, Reflex S01 and Medical 01 Copper. Depending on the process the generated surface can be matt, satin polished, high polished, rusty or patinated – it depends on exactly what the client wants.

VeroMetal will adhere to almost any surface, including but not limited to: foam, plastic, gypsum, wood, metal, fiberglass, plaster, ceramics, concrete, terra cotta, cardboard and even paper. The cost savings are enormous. Independent ASTM testing graded zero breakdown in the equivalent of 30 years. Because it is so durable, it is used in both interior and exterior applications too, perfect for retail. VeroMetal does not shrink, is highly flexible for all types of shapes, does not corrode and does not conduct electricity, making it safe for retail too.

Prestige without the cost

Adding a VeroMetal to your storefront signage not only gives durability to your logo, but adds strength to the brand and its image. Our products give signage a modern, contemporary feel. You can bespoke signs out of MDF for example and coat it in VeroMetal, which saves money as you are not casting in actual real metal such as brass or steel. With VeroMetal it looks just as good as cast metal, just without the cost and weight, and customers feel valid in their decision to shop with you because you have a quality sign welcoming them to your retail experience.

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